About Techsum
Leading provider of the lithium ion battery products and modules solutions
Techsum is a high-technology company specialized in researching, development, production and sales of lithium battery module.Our headquarter is located in Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-tech Park,Which is the forefront technology area and is called “the Sillicon Valley in China “. In Dongguan ,we also have two manufacturing plants of our own. The battery modules that the company developed and produced are widely used in robots, TP-RB, AVG, two-wheel electric vehicles ,logistics/ slow-moving vehicles, micro UPS and other areas which are all its own independent knowledge property rights. We have a professional development and marketing team so as to effectively provide firm technical support. Its strong research and production capacity has been received the recognitions and praises from Panasonic, ROHM, and other well-known international companies. We maintain a very stable and long-term relations of cooperation with many large enterprises as well.
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??Technical strength
The company has strong technical force. We have a the research and development team with more than 10 years of experience in research and development. They own through careful calculation, and always adhere to independent innovation.
The selection of the battery materials, the circuit protection design, and the decision of final structure are safe for the security measures ad repeated deliberation.
Promised to meet the clients’s customization requirements at full range as the software and hardware structure and the wage design.
??Quality assurance
The company equipped with advanced detection equipment to strictly inspect the material, process and shipment of the product . The quality of the products are stable and reliable ensured.
The products are passed through multiple authoritative certification as the Chinese CQC , the European CE, the United States UL, FCC, etc.
??Production and manufacturing
We have the most advanced technique of lithium battery industry and the great experience in independent research and production by professional talents.
Committed to using the latest technology and ideas to develop the new energy products of fine appearance and good quality, energy conservation and environmental protection .
Laboratory established in accordance with the UL standard, to ensure the function of the engineering reliable nearly, safety is higher than the related countries and acceptance standard of the industry.
All products have Allianz Insurance.